$2,211 Raised for Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center

Charity Goal: $2,000
Money Raised: $2,211

Thank you for your support of the Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center. 

About Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center

The Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center (ESRREC) is based in Rock Hall, Maryland. ESRREC ensures the health, safety and emotional well-being of abandoned pet rabbits on Maryland’s Eastern Shore through shelter and care, with guidance to the families who adopt them as companion animals.

To the team at the Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center, “rescue” is more than a word, it’s a promise:

A promise to Minnie, that we would give her all the attention she needed to thrive, even if that meant going to work with her foster mom;

A promise to Valencia, that we would give her the love, food, and medical attention she was denied in her last homes;

A promise to Harvey, that he would never be abandoned again;

A promise to Truffle, that we would take her to as many vet appointments as necessary to heal her leg, even if it emptied our bank account;

A promise to Beulah, that we would make sure she and her babies grew strong and found loving homes;

A promise to Speckles, that he would feel loved until his final breath and be loved even after;

A promise to rabbits yet to come into our care, that we will do everything within our power to help them be happy, be healthy, and be loved. 

ESRREC is a nonprofit corporation and has 501(c)(3) status.  We are 100% volunteer-run, including our Board of Directors.

Our geographic coverage focuses primarily on the Maryland counties to the east of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Joy Rabbit Raised: $475 of $500.00
House of the Rising Bun Raised: $385 of $750.00
Buns & Roses Raised: $300 of $500.00
Black Rabbit Raised: $180 of $1000.00
Team BunnySnatchers Raised: $156 of $400.00
Akito's World for ESRREC Raised: $155 of $500.00
Pets On The Shore Veterinary Hospital Raised: $75 of $500.00
Beach Buns Raised: $60 of $250.00
Team Aphrodite Raised: $45 of $300.00
Chadwell Animal Hospital Raised: $0 of $500.00
Cricket's Pet Supply Raised: $0 of $500.00
The Peoples Bank Raised: $0 of $500.00
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Edwin K Collins
Steven Bartlett $20.00
Anonymous $10.00
Veronica Taylor $15.00
Andrew Brown $20.00
Top Donors
Debra L. Scott $300.00
Kelly Anderson $200.00
Stephanie Miltimore $120.00
William Fielder $100.00
Katarina Stefanovicova $100.00
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Deb Scott $325.00
Kelly Stottlemyer $270.00
William Fielder $180.00
Cora Dickson $145.00
Eva Cross $106.00

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Donor Comments

“In Memory of my mom and bunnies Snowflake, Bun Bunz, Fiona, Sugar & Haagen Dazs. ”

- Debra L Scott

“In honor of all Kelly’s hard work and dedication to the bunnies!”

- Jane E. Bupp

“In honor of the Suburban Village bunnies ”

- Anonymous

“Go, Eva, go!”

- Ian T Knichols

“For all that Cora does to help the floof balls!🐰”

- Debra L Scott

“In memory of Bear and Louey”

- Melody Bankert

“Donation from Tammy Bradway In Memory of Ronald”

- Erin Giza

“In memory of Coney”

- William Fielder

“In memory of my foster buns Tulip and Bandit”

- Kerry L Carmichael

“From Deborah and Roger, longtime volunteers”

- Anonymous

“In memory of Frank 🖤 ”

- Charis Moyer

“Joy Rabbit you rock!”

- Kelly Anderson

“In memory the lives lost at the Key Bridge disaster on March 26, 2024.”

- Cynthia R Freland

“Thanks for all you do!”

- Anonymous

“In memory of my good friend's bunny Phineas <3 ”

- Veronica Taylor

“Thank you for what you do. XOX - Stace Bass”

- Anonymous


- Steven Bartlett

“good luck Cora from BLITZ TV, Kimball, Dave and Stace”

- Edwin K Collins