Nichols Center, Inc

Money Raised: $0.00 Charity Goal: $10,000

About Nichols Center, Inc

Nichols Center, Inc is a 501.c.3 dedicated to supporting families affected by substance abuse and addiction.  For the last 3 years we have been an active volunteer driven organization providing individual and family services.  We support the local Recovery community and civic entities through individual treatment planning, recovery support, transitional housing, community resource connections, and homeless initiatives.  Our next goal is to buy, renovate, and roll-out a mobile recovery services unit for our homeless and indigent population.

Funds from this event will go directly towards buying and converting an RV into a mobile Recovery Unit for our homeless and indigent population in Douglas County. We will build in a shower and laundry unit. Utilizing CARES volunteers we will provide peer support for job and services connections. We need $10,000 to make this dream come true!!! Help us help our community!

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