$85 Raised for YMCA Supportive Housing Campus

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About YMCA Supportive Housing Campus

Last year, we raised over 4,000 dollars during the Crane 5K Fun Run! Funding that helped to provide housing to over 180 men and women who may have otherwise been experiencing homelessness in 2023. 

Y Supportive Housing is a community solution to help eliminate homelessness by providing Hope, Dignity, and Support in the form of permanent supportive housing. This Housing First Model helps people who are homeless (or who are at-risk of homelessness) move into stable and secure permanent housing supplemented by supportive services. Case management, transportation assistance, food/clothing/hygiene pantries, rental assistance, and other services help people meet their basic needs and reach their life goals. The campus provides a place to call home for 140 men and women. With over 2,700 Iowans experiencing homelessness on any given night, housing first programs, like the Y-SHC, are vital to solving the crisis happening within our local community.

Our belief that everyone is worthy to live a life of meaning guides everything we do; YOU make a difference in the lives of so many by supporting us in this important work! Each individual who walks through our doors has their own unique circumstance and story; all are in search of a safe and secure place to call their own.

Mary is a veteran who lost everything after her life partner’s destructive gambling habits left her with nothing but a vehicle and broken heart. After a terrifying journey that led her down the path of addiction and suffered abuse, she has found refuge at the Y Supportive Housing Campus, where she finally feels safe from her painful past.

Jim, who has lived at Y housing for nearly 30 years, recently lost a job that he’s maintained for over three decades due to health issues. He found himself without an income and struggling the navigate the digital age of the job market. Thankfully, he was able to apply for Y rental assistance and his case manager, Morgan, was right by his side as he began his job search. Without this support, Jim would have lost his home and the community of friends that he has loved for so long.

Mark, who has been chronically homeless since adolescence, signed his first lease on his new apartment after nearly 30 years of living outdoors. For the first time in his life, he is able to go to sleep at night without worrying about harm coming to him or his belongings.

Everyone Deserve a Place to Call Home. You support helps turn this belief into a reality for our community's most vulnerable individuals! 


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