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About Ohio Chiropractic Foundation

The purpose of The Ohio Chiropractic Foundation (“OCF”) is to provide educational opportunities regarding chiropractic services and the chiropractic profession. A portion of the proceeds from the OSCA's Virtual 5K Race will be donated to the OCF's scholarship fund.

The Ohio Chiropractic Foundation Student Scholarship Program recognizes chiropractic students who are committed to shaping the future of the profession and practicing in the state of Ohio.  Applicants are evaluated on their potential to become leaders for the chiropractic profession, as demonstrated by involvement in school and community activities, and academic performance.

In 2019, the OCF awarded a student scholarship of $5,000 to Dr. Henrietta White, and in 2020, the OCF awarded Marcus Hummel a student scholarship of $5,000.  The OCF was also able to donate an additional $1,000 to the ABCA's Harvey Lillard Scholarship.

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Ohio Chiropractic Foundation
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