$12,495 Raised for St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter, Inc.

About St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter, Inc.

Funds will address emergency shelter services, sanitation supplies, basic needs, transportation, and motel vouchers for those in need.

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Mike's Team Raised: $1,480 of $1500.00
Weiss Family "Runners" Raised: $1,475 of $1000.00
Board of Running Raised: $1,445 of $1000.00
Sr's Saints Raised: $1,410 of $1000.00
Paul Fischer Team Raised: $1,275 of $1000.00
Alexa's Team for St. John's Raised: $1,095 of $600.00
Frazier's Follies Raised: $875 of $500.00
Judy's call for justice Raised: $650 of $500.00
Berta’s Team Raised: $570 of $300.00
Brooke's Team Raised: $450 of $300.00
Alexa’s Babes Raised: $390 of $600.00
Team Zahn Raised: $350 of $300.00
Steph's Team Raised: $300 of $300.00
Courtney's Crew Raised: $225 of $1000.00
Recent Donors
Karen J Liss $100.00
Candace M Rabas $50.00
Mary Vaughan $25.00
Sidney Garber $20.00
Judith Mongold-Diers
Top Donors
Kathleen A. Gracyalny $500.00
Steven Wilmet $400.00
Barbara Strutz $300.00
Michael E Betley $250.00
Peter Weiss $200.00
Top Fundraisers
Sr. Marla $1335.00
Mike Parins $1111.00
Paul Fischer $875.00
Alexa Priddy $845.00
Judy Miller $575.00
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Donor Comments

“In memory of my Father, Edwin C. Garot and his brothers & sisters who attended St. John's church/school in the 1920's . . .Edwin, Bernard, Robert, Roger, Winnie, Eileen, Kathleen, and Florence. . ”

- John H. Garot

“In memory of the 2020 Gala ”

- Anonymous

“With love and gratitude.”

- Nancy J. Nusbaum

“In tribute to Mike Parins and his community service. ”

- Steven J Maricque

“Direct funds to Mike Parins Team”

- Daniel E Vangrunsven

“For Mike Parins’ team!”

- Gerald J Berg

“Donated by brothers Fuz and Danny”

- Judy Parins

“Thanks for supporting this great cause! ”

- Thomas J. Sorensen

“Given by my sister Mary Kay”

- Judy Parins

“In honor of Celine Goessl and Kathy Lang”

- Anonymous

“Go sis!!”

- Zoe Harkoff

“Go St. John’s Go!”

- Thomas A Landry

“Love you, Berta!”

- Jennifer Mullen

“Go, Berta, Go! St. John’s family forever! ”

- India L Pungarcher

“Go, Weisses, Go!! ”

- Teresa Adler

“Way to go, guys!”

- John Weiss

“Rosemary Baloun”

- Rosemary A Baloun

“Go Berta! Go St. John’s! ”

- Jess W Johnson

“R. Morneau ”

- Anonymous

“I’m memory of Ken Welker”

- Leanne Welker

“Way to go!! Thank you!”

- Susan m delaney

“You Rock Woman!”

- Mary A. Peters

“The Quade Family”

- Joseph Quade

“Happy Easter!”

- Mariah C Gatzow

“In memory of Delores Schroeder and Marion Magolskli”

- James Trader

“Love you Sister Marla ”

- Ashley Kohls

“From MArgaret and Jim Barnes ”

- Marla J Clercx

“From Jimmy Sorensen”

- Marla J Clercx

“Marian Magolski, Delores Schroeder”

- Ronald A. Magolski

“Hello and Thank You!, from the McCain family. ”

- Anonymous

“In solidarity, I will be walking/hiking the 100 miles with you from over here in Washington! ”

- Anonymous

“Go Grasshoppa! You inspire me!!”

- Tiffany A Grundman

“Go Berta! ~Mike Z”

- Anonymous

“Kay & Rick Lantow”

- Anonymous

“In Memory of Lyle Wilquet”

- Amy L Wilquet Swette

“Run like the wind !! ”

- Julie Wesa

“From Sr. Carmelyn Gentrup”

- Marla J Clercx

“Please put it towards any team!”

- Carol Gibson

“In Memory of Dave Zellner Please put towards any team”

- Margaret Ann Zellner

“Bob Fischer”

- Paul Fischer

“This contribution is from Jim and Joanne Zipperer,”

- Joanne M. Zipperer

“For Dave Pietenpol's running goal”

- Karen J Liss