$13,960 Raised for Be The Light Walk

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About Be The Light Walk

Support Suicide Prevention & Survivor Support in Northeast Wisconsin!

Our community’s battle against suicide has never been more critical—the need never greater. Your help is needed now.

National suicide deaths increased by 35% between 1999 and 2018, according to the CDC. Isolation, fear and anxiety have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. So have job loss, financial concerns and alcohol use. These are all contributing factors to suicide and are likely to create a perfect storm of tragedy and loss.

Our community banded together in 2006 to form the Brown County Coalition for Suicide Prevention to lead the fight against suicide through awareness, outreach and support through several initiatives and local partnerships. The Coalition is comprised of schools, healthcare organizations, behavioral health providers, government agencies, police and fire departments, veteran-focused groups, local businesses, advocates and survivors.

The Coalition’s hallmark event is the Be the Light Walk, held annually in downtown Green Bay and drawing more than 12,000 participants in its 14-year history. It has been a tremendous tool for building awareness—and to fund critical initiatives.

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Honoring Andrew Alsteen Raised: $2,951 of $3000.00
Michael’s Ugly Pirates Raised: $2,105 of $1500.00
Hearts 4 Hannah Raised: $1,265 of $1000.00
ACorn Raised: $815 of $1000.00
Remembering Adam Raised: $650 of $500.00
Nates Lucky 777s Raised: $420 of $500.00
Team Bradley Raised: $370 of $500.00
Team Cory Ross Raised: $366 of $1000.00
MaddieMax Raised: $305 of $500.00
Team Wyatt Raised: $210 of $1000.00
Team Andy Raised: $200 of $500.00
Learning Light Raised: $175 of $1000.00
BCM BEAR Raised: $175 of $200.00
The Bret Project Raised: $170 of $500.00
Scars in Heaven / Chris Leick Raised: $110 of $500.00
AJH Raised: $100 of $500.00
Better Together Raised: $0 of $1000.00
Yoda Best Raised: $0 of $500.00
4Mike-Burn Em Raised: $0 of $250.00
Celebrate Recovery Destiny Church Raised: $0 of $100.00
Recent Donors
Michael Turnamian $100.00
Holly A. Jeffrey $25.00
Mary Denis $50.00
James P DePrey $100.00
Karrie Holler $25.00
Top Donors
Judy Cornelius $500.00
Kevin J Cuene $350.00
John Spellane $250.00
Anne E Flinchum $250.00
Nick Blohowiak $200.00
Top Fundraisers
Peggy Alsteen $650.00
Jill Sedlacek DePrey $475.00
Thom Cody $200.00
Abbigayle Grosbeier $120.00
Holly Paulson $50.00
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Donor Comments

“Love & hugs to all families”

- Lonnie L Wendt

“Brendan Miron”

- Gina M Schomaker

“Alexander Cornelius ”

- Judy Cornelius

“In Memory Of My Beautiful Girl! Love you forever & always! Papa”

- Thomas L Cody

“Hearts for Hannah ”

- Dan Slauson


- Lisa Hallmark

“Hearts 4 Hannah”

- Julianna Guyette

“In memory of nate on behalf of Angela Kay”

- Abbigayle Grosbeier

“In Memory of Nate Grosbeier Nate's Lucky 777s”

- Sharon M Grosbeier

“In memory of Andrew Lopez”

- Rebecca Lopez

“In honor of Andrew.”

- Shawn Shrader

“We love and miss you Michael. - Dylan, Kaitlin and Dustin ”

- Kaitlin Vandenhouten

“Brendan Miron ”

- Gina M Schomaker

“To support our incredible community working diligently to prevent suicide”

- G Doenges

“The Vandenhouten family is in my thoughts and prayers. ”

- Christin Steinbrecker Jack

“Our hearts aches for you guys.”

- Martin Redmann

“Sending the Hoots all our love”

- Amy Brothers

“Karin, we are at a different fundraiser that day but hope you find peace walking in his memory and raising money to help others. Lori Bramstedt ”

- Lori L Bramstedt

“In Memory of Michael from the Bellin Legal Services team”

- Dana L Demeny

“In Memory of Michael Vandenhouten”

- Sharon A Noel

“Gone but not forgotten. In memory of Michael Vandenhouten. ”

- Christine A Nemecek

“In memory of Michael Vandenhouten (.. a wonderful son, brother, grandson , and friend to anyone who knew him).”

- Daniel J Kamps

“Remembering my son Adam Lee Milkent.”

- Jill S DePrey

“I remember your amazing smile Adam!”

- Martin Ferris

“With much love ~ Melissa and Mess”

- Melissa Hoff

“Cory you are missed greatly by your extended DSAW family! So glad to have had the opportunity to know you. ”

- Roxanne pryes

“In memory of a sweet young man ”

- Christie Coble

“This is truly a wonderful way to honor Andrew. ”

- Diane Abig

“In memory of Michael from Dane County Detectives and friends ”

- Elizabeth Allen

“In honor of a beautiful soul whose Light and memory live on in the hearts of those who loved her! Holding this family close in prayer! ”

- Lori Cuene

“Thinking of you everyday, Andrew. ”

- Abbigail P Bender

“In memory of Andrew, your light shines on. ”

- Dean Julian

“In memory of Cory, love Rochelle”

- Becky Morrin

“In memory, Love Ruthann”

- Becky Morrin

“In Memory, Love Ron and Donna”

- Becky Morrin

“In Memory, Dennis and Karin”

- Becky Morrin

“In memory of Brett T. Brunner”

- Carol Brunner

“In memory: Jerry Kronberger”

- Ann M Knutson

“Tom - Know that Hannah is watching over your family… May God bless you with strength and courage.. God bless, Casey”

- Kevin J Cuene

“For the pain and agony Thom Cody and his family have endured. ”

- Jodi Drinkard

“In memory of Andy.”

- Craig Larson

“In memory of Andy”

- Craig Larson

“Flinchum/Farrell/Gagan/Schaefer Wedding donation in lieu of favors and in honor of Mark and Shawny.”

- Anne E Flinchum

“In memory of Nate Grosbeier from John & Laurie Chapman ”

- Anonymous

“Learning Light”

- Hilarie Rath

“In Memory of Michael Vandenhouten. May his light still shine bright! ”

- Mary E Hiltunen

“For participants Kerry Laurin & Kylie Olson”

- Allison Young

“In Memory of our beautiful angel, Mariana Meissner. May she always be our light! Mark, Lisa and Family ”

- Lisa Olcott

“In Memory of Cory, Love Judy and Ed”

- Becky Morrin

“In Memory of Cory, Love Grafs”

- Becky Morrin

“In memory of Bradley Chartier”

- Brad J Melvin

“My family understands your pain my uncle also committed suicide. We are happy to help your family support programs for mental health! Hugs to your family ❤️ ”

- Megan M Hinde

“In memory of my brother, Cory Ross. Love you and miss you so much big guy. ❤️ ”

- Amy Saunders

“Sending my love and sympathy to the hoot family. We are always here if you need anything. Lean on all your friends and family because they are what will pull you through. Donating in honor of Ryan Kamps’s & his memorial fund. Peace.Love.Be Hippy.☮️❤️”

- Megan Meyers

“Miss you, brother!”

- Alexa Chesner

“Hannah is ALWAYS with you, watching over you and trying to CONNECT with you:) Be open, even in our crazy, busy lives, be open-she's right there!!”

- Anonymous

“Ali Peeters”

- Anonymous

“Wish we could have been walking by your side this weekend. Thinking of you and praying for you. Love, Tim and Karrie”

- Karrie Holler

“Andrew Alsteen Our special angel! Miss that smile! Love you always! Jojo”

- Mary Denis

“I’m sorry for Adam’s pain and yours.”

- Holly A. Jeffrey

“Thank you Shelly King!”

- Michael Turnamian