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About Be The Light Walk

Support Suicide Prevention & Survivor Support in Northeast Wisconsin!

Our community’s battle against suicide has never held been more critical—the need never greater. Your help is needed now.

National suicide deaths increased by 35% between 1999 and 2018, according to the CDC. Isolation, fear and anxiety have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. So have job loss, financial concerns and alcohol use. These are all contributing factors to suicide and are likely to create a perfect storm of tragedy and loss.

Our community banded together in 2006 to form the Brown County Coalition for Suicide Prevention to lead the fight against suicide through awareness, outreach and support through several initiatives and local partnerships. The Coalition is comprised of schools, healthcare organizations, behavioral health providers, government agencies, police and fire departments, veteran-focused groups, local businesses, advocates and survivors.

The Coalition’s hallmark event is the Be the Light Walk, held annually in downtown Green Bay and drawing more than 12,000 participants in its 11-year history. It has been a tremendous tool for building awareness—and to fund for critical initiatives.

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Nate’s Lucky 777s Raised: $1,215 of $500.00
Team Hermy Raised: $1,005 of $1000.00
Team Billy Verbeten Raised: $975 of $500.00
Team Jimspirations Raised: $965 of $800.00
Maddie Max Raised: $550 of $500.00
Jeremy Raised: $435 of $1000.00
WMCCA Raised: $135 of $500.00
SNC Cares Raised: $120 of $100.00
fight4life Raised: $85 of $500.00
Team Berkholtz Raised: $70 of $200.00
Shaun McAfee Raised: $0 of $1000.00
Mader Raised: $0 of $1000.00
Recent Donors
Kathy L VanderGeeten $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Anonymous $50.00
Becky Morrin $20.00
Nancy vania $25.00
Top Donors
Melissa Verbeten $500.00
Jim and Eliesha Gatzke $250.00
Eric Borchardt $200.00
Lori A Kirchner $200.00
Julie rolfsen $140.00
Top Fundraisers
Abbigayle Grosbeier $895.00
Susan Hermans $735.00
Jean Rivett $545.00
Tomi Nelson $220.00
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Donor Comments

“In memory of Billy Verbeten”

- Melissa Verbeten

“In memory of Billy Verbeten”

- Lynn Stetson

“In loving memory of Matt Collins ”

- Johanna Mattern Allen

“In memory of Jim”

- Joan Baker

“In memory of Billy Verbeten and Scot Borchardt”

- Eric Borchardt

“Love you”

- Sheila Seidl

“For all Law Enforcement officers”

- Anonymous

“Madison Maxing Bien”

- Toma L Nelson

“Jim and Pete and Jean - Thank you!”

- Anonymous

“Missing this Angel. Love You Jess! ”

- Sarah Rosenberg

“In memory of Jeremy Pearson”

- Barbara J Baranczyk

“Justin Dequaine”

- Anonymous

“In memory of Nate Grosbeier raised by Johnny G's Fishing Hole”

- Anonymous

“Remembering Jim always. ”

- Carol Cassell

“I did not know Jim, but I wish I had. I continue to see the outpouring of love from Jean and others who loved and love him, and I stand with them.”

- Robert A Pyne

“In memory of Kevin💕”

- Nancy A Beckers

“In Memory of Acorn”

- Ken Stephenson

“We love you and miss you Madison, Love Grandpa and Grandma Glo”

- Gloria L Walsh

“In memory of Cory Ross. Love Judy McNulty and Ed Brinckman ”

- Becky Morrin

“In Memory of Jim Rivett. ”

- Milda Davis

“In loving memory of Kevin Hermans”

- Anonymous

“Maddie Max”

- Margaret O. Jensen

“Miss you Madison. Love, Aunt Dee.”

- Toma L Nelson

“In Memory of Taylor Dillon”

- Jerry Pulda

“In Memory of Cory Ross. Love Ron and Donna Schneider”

- Becky Morrin

“In Memory of Nich ...Love and Miss You ...Aunt Mary”

- Mary Nelson

“In support of friends, family members of friends, family and others remaining behind.”

- Debbie L Gebheim

“We love and miss you Mad Max! You were one of the smartest and talented girl I’ve ever met. ”

- Nichelle Carriveau

“You are never forgotten Jim! A donation from David Cuene!”

- Jean M. Rivett

“Know that Julie VL and I support your mission to keep Jim's memory and work alive by helping others in times of darkness to see the light! We admire you and your team!!”

- Julie A Janquart

“Bless All of You!”

- Jim and Eliesha Gatzke

“Walking with you all in spirit 💙 Laurie and John ”

- Laurie Chapman

“In memory of Nate Grosbeier ”

- Tina Jennerjohn

“In memory of Nate Grosbeier”

- Patricia J Grosbeier

“In memory of Blake Schartner”

- Nicole M Hudson

“In memory of Nate Grosbeier & Blake Schartner. Never Forgotten. ”

- Jessica Marchant

“In Memory of Cory Ross. Love Dennis and Karin Graf. ”

- Becky Morrin

“In memory of Kevin.”

- Anonymous

“From Linda Waldenschmidt”

- Anonymous

“Jim Rivett”

- Kathy L VanderGeeten