$22,275 Raised for Ava's Army

Charity Goal: $25,000
Money Raised: $22,275

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About Ava's Army

Sweet little 8 year old Ava Jones was diagnosed with stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma back in July, 2020. What started as night terrors and debilitating headaches revealed itself to be a very rare form of pediatric cancer. While Rhabdomyosarcoma itself is rare, the form Ava has is only diagnosed about 500 times each year so there is no real standard care procedure or protocol to follow. She has been bravely and ferociously fighting with the exceptional help of Wolfson’s, Mayo Clinic, and Nemour’s hospitals, as well as the Proton Radiation Therapy Institute, all going up to bat for her. 

Ava’s journey over the last 7 months has been a true testament to faith, family, and community.  She is supported by tons of neighbors, classmates, friends, family but above all her incredible parents Kym and Kevin.

To help out Ava's family with expenses and also to help give Ava her DREAM room, we are putting on a run called  Ava's Army 5K.  In addition to running, walking or supporting from a far we welcome any and all donations.

Our race committee has formed the non-profit Ava's Army and all funds will be going directly into the non-profit to support Ava.

Thank you so much for any donation big or small!!

-Ava's Army

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TFW Raised: $4,795 of $5000.00
Ava’s Army VA Raised: $2,465 of $500.00
TitanUp Fitness Raised: $1,025 of $1000.00
Class of 2031 (PVA) Raised: $590 of $2031.00
Emma’s Angels help Ava Raised: $300 of $500.00
Coastal Oaks Raised: $125 of $100.00
KB's Team Raised: $45 of $150.00
Miles for Mimosas Raised: $20 of $100.00
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Amy Cohen
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Donor Comments

“We love you Ava!”

- Anonymous

“Stay strong sweet Ava! ”

- Brooke Hnyla

“I hope this helps with the DREAM room. More smiles and love supporting our community. ”

- Cherie Underwood

“Fight hard Ava! Praying for you sweet girl!!! ”

- Julie Stephens

“Keep kicking butt Ava!!”

- Anonymous

“Stay Strong Ava!! Praying for you!! -“Nurse Alice” Fasula”

- Alice Fasula

“We will absolutely keep this brave girl in our thoughts and prayers.”

- Nicole Quinn

“Audrey loves Ava! Their friendship was the best thing about first grade.”

- Erin Kapustka


- Victoria ward

“Sweet little Ava you are a true champ!!!! Your beautiful smiles say it all. So glad you have such wonderful parents to support you. I love you❣️”

- Jean M Lichko

“Just helping ”

- Anonymous

“We stand with you and for you Ava”

- Manny Goldman

“My friend , Cathy Roth, introduced me to Ava, and I hope this helps get Ava her dream bedroom!”

- Clare Berry

“Donation made by Ariana M.”

- Karilyn Little

“Keep fighting hard Ava!! We are praying for you and your parents.”

- Mark Mistretta

“You are incredible!”

- Jennifer Annessa

“From Sydney Linebaugh”


“From Sydney Linebaugh”

- Kia Linebaugh

“Ava you and your parents strength is amazing. You inspire us every day. Keep that positive attitude and that beautiful smile. Love ya. Rich and Carol Wisor”

- Carol Wisor

“Keep fighting, Ava! Your army has got your back. ”

- Anonymous

“For Ava Jones ”

- Nicole Rene Myers

“You got this, Ava!!”

- Lisa Gaglianese

“Go Raideretts!”

- Deborah J Martin

“Keep smiling Ava - you can beat this!”

- Paula J Bergen

“God Bless you Ava and your Mom and Dad!”

- Anonymous

“Stay strong Ava and keep fighting! Praying for you and your Mom and Dad!”

- John D Phillips

“In memory of our beloved Mom and Nana Sylvia Chandler ”

- Michele Alford

“Sending love! The Murphy’s ”

- Bryan Murphy

“Donation on behalf of Safari Ltd”

- Cristina Greene Safari

“What an incredible family! Love ❤️ and prayers for Ava!”

- Kay Gilmer

“We think you’re Marvelous Ava❣️ Keep doing what you’re doing...Awesome ❣️ Joe & Mary Lou ”

- Joseph R Silla

“We wish we could join the run!! We love you Ava!!”

- Brady Saylor

“Stay strong and keep fighting Ava! We are all with you. ”

- Michael Carrigan

“Stay strong Ava! Sending love and support from NY. Can't wait to meet you when we come visit. Love Linda, Justin and Vincent Worden ”

- Justin M Worden

“Love & Blessings!”

- Brooke Mendoza


- kathleen Arnold

“The Adams Family is sending you all the love and support! ”

- Lauren Ortenzi

“From Phyllis Monie”

- Allison L Hopkins

“Ava, you are in our prayers - Jim and Charlona Stewart ”

- James J Stewart

“Stay strong and amazing Ava!”

- Marcia Noon

“Ava Jones is my grandson Calvin's good friend. We want her to get better ASAP.”

- Virginia Taverna

“You got this, Ava!”

- Virginia Sanborn

“Ava- you got this! Your mom and dad are rockstars as are you!”

- Jennifer L Belisario

“With love from the Beckleys!”

- Gail Beckley

“Stay strong, Ava! You're an awesome little person! ”

- Shannon Maltese

“Donate to Ava Army fundraiser ”

- Bonnie Oliver

“Stay strong, you got this!”

- Anonymous

“Kick cancer’s butt Ava! We are all rooting for you!!!!”

- Robert Booth

“In honor of Lindsay Arnold who is running in the 5k.”

- Tina Hinshaw

“In Memory of Brie Barfield And especially for a Brave and Fierce young girl... AVA!!! She who inspires us daily to be better And give Thanks for every precious moment of Life!”

- Sue L Barfield

“The GA Ballmans love you! ”

- Marie R Ballman

“Can’t be there but SO believe in this fabulous cause and effort for Ava!”

- Susan OBrien

“You are a courageous Warrior Ava!! We are ALL here for you!!!!! ”

- Phil Squatrito

“Praying for healing! <3 your neighbors-Ali and Mat”

- Ali Denny

“From D’Angelo family”

- Donald DAngelo

“Dear Ava, Stay brave, kind and grateful. Keep laughing every day and never let anyone tell you can’t do something. Xoxo TFW strong”

- Sheila McNally

“To a true warrior ”

- Jeffrey W Krenzer

“Tribute to Ava”

- Lily Darnell

“Team Tsunami and Maddy G are with you. ”

- Jason C Gebhardt

“For the sweetest little angel Ava! All for you! Hugs! Ms Carley ”

- margaret rodriguez

“Sending you best wishes and good health! From: Tom and Kara Schumacher Grandparents to Aidan and Liam Fair ”

- Kara Schumacher

“We're rooting for Ava and wish your family all the best! -The Motta Family”

- Melanie Motta

“ We live on Stone Ridge but have not met. Our hearts and prayers go out to your family for Ava’s health and healing. ”

- Linda Halstead

“Prayers to Ava and family ❤️”

- Lauren Cohen-Fiszman

“We love you, Ava!”

- Emily M Tillo

“Thinking of you!”

- Amy Cohen