$580 Raised for Mohammed Schools of Atlanta

Charity Goal: $10,000
Money Raised: $580

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About Mohammed Schools of Atlanta

Giving to support Mohammed Schools of Atlanta is vitally important.  Fundraising through a number of ongoing and annual initiatives assures the operational and educational needs of the students, faculty, and staff are met.  Events allow the community at large to be active participants and embrace the concept of “doing for self” while providing significant and invaluable financial support.

The Mohammed Schools fundraising team is a group established to provide oversight and advisement to the managers of the fundraising events. The fundraising team reports to the Consultative Board of the Mohammed Schools.

Mission:  Our mission is to inspire community members to embrace the concept of doing for self by providing significant financial support to the Mohammed Schools.

Vision: Our vision is to establish a lucrative business model that will fund Mohammed Schools of Atlanta and establish it as an independent entity.

Fundraising Goals for the Year: To raise a total of $200,000+ profit from fundraising efforts for the academic year.

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Jameel Shakir $100.00
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Sahirah Khabeer $25.00
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