2016 Virtual Races

Sign up for 2 or more events and save 20%

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 All of our virtual races in 2017 are $17.00!

 Save up to 30% on races when you sign up for 4 or more races!  

*excludes our main event: Chase the Sun, Friends Forever 5K, Cat Day 5K and Day of the Dog and Journey to Jupiter.

We are close to selling out of Pig Day 5K, Extraterrestrial Abductions Day 5K& 10K, See The World A Different Way 5K, WHO Wants to Race 5K & 10K, The Walking Day 5K and Your Feet Were Made for Walking!  They are now available for $12.00 each until they sell out!!!

All of the Race Across Different Country medals are only $15.00! And you can choose to do a 5K, 10K, 13.1 or 26.2 for each one! Race descriptions are HERE at Virtual World Racers.


*When signing up for multiple events, no other discount codes apply. If you have a discount code to use, you must sign up for each event individually.

This is a combination of events from Moon Joggers and Virtual Run Events. You can view the description of all virtual races at HERE.  Medals for each event will ship out at different times according to the month the event takes place.  So far we have donated more than $300,000 to various charities around the world because of our races! 

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